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Now it is time for you to read the presentation and your character file, and start discussing with the other suspects who is the murderer. 

You only have 60 min to solve the puzzle. Each 20 min you may reveal a new clue. Clues are helpful but not indispensable to unveil the mystery. Discuss, defend your alibi and unmask the assassin!

Before starting, share this link with the rest of the members of the group!


Today at 4pm, Peter Van Trial has been found and confirmed dead in the restaurant “The Corner of Sarrini”. The confusion was spread all over the place, since the body was still sitting in the chair, with a knife stabbed in his belly. The chair, the table and the floor were covered in blood. No sign of stained clothes.

The table was in the middle of the restaurant, during daylight. Weird circumstances, although only two more customers were in the restaurant at the moment; an old man and his daughter.

Peter Van Trial was a businessman, manager of the investments of many companies. 43 years, married, no kids. Apparently, he entered the restaurant with his business colleague, who left minutes later. He then waited for his wife, they agreed to meet up there, but when she did he was dead already.

The other people in the place were shocked, including the chef, the waiter and the owner of the restaurant.

Who could have done such a terrible atrocity?!

Ready to investigate? Each of you must select one different number, from 1 to 6, that will correspond to each of the suspects.

Got them? Good. Now click the number you have and begin the game!! Good luck!