There are 7 suspects:

  • Chef
  • Owner
  • Waiter
  • Old man
  • Young woman
  • Colleague
  • Wife

From which you are: 

The Chef


You are Marco Grant. You have been working as a chef since you were young; now that you are 35, you still love to cook, and you want your customers to enjoy every bite.

You did not knew Peter Van Trial before. His death was horrible, but also, how a good meal was wasted with all that blood.

Open facts (you can mention them)

-You missed a knife from the kitchen. You don’t know when you lost it.

-You never left the kitchen.

-You never met Peter in person. You met Colleague, he went to the restaurant a few days ago to talk business.

-You told Waiter to bring one of your uniforms to the laundry. He still have not come back with it…

Secrets (reveal them when you find it more convenient (maybe never)!

-You know the waiter uses drugs. It is fine for you, so you let him go to the bathroom to do his thing.

-You have an affair with the Owner, that started before she got you a place in her restaurant. 

-One of the nights she spent at your place, in secret, she forgot one earring there. You took it and kept it in your jacket.

-You were kissing with the Owner after cooking Peter’s meal. Then the Owner left, right before the body was discovered, and you stayed in the kitchen. 

-You know Owner wants to fire Waiter. You told him one day, unintentionally.