Young Woman

There are 7 suspects:

  • Chef
  • Owner
  • Waiter
  • Old man
  • Young woman
  • Colleague
  • Wife

From which you are: 

The Young Woman


You are Lianne, a 28 year old woman that works as a elementary school teacher. Open minded but also with a certain romantic mindset. You had meet up with your dad, the Old Man, in the restaurant “The Corner of Sarrini”. You do not see him often so you proposed to talk for a bit, although he was the one who chose the place.

You were talking for 1,5 hours in a private table, very apart from the others, so you could not see the horrific view of the dead body in the middle of the restaurant.


Open facts (you can mention them)

-You did not knew Peter until you saw him in the restaurant (lie). You  were already there when he got there.

-Not very good relationship with Old Man, because he is very grumpy and you do not talk a lot. He has always been very overprotective.

-You went to the bathroom for a while. When Peter’s body was discovered you were with your father in the private table. You did not notice if Peter was on the table or not (lie).


Secrets (procure that they are not discovered!)

-You had an affair with Peter. You made love many times, but his wife does not know. You were surprised to see Peter enter the restaurant but you had to pretend you did not know him.

-When you went to the bathroom, you met Peter there and you kissed. Peter left the bathroom first, and then you did. You need to pass by the private table to go to the bathroom, so if you had come out together the Old Man would have discovered your affair.

-You heard footsteps in the bathroom while you were kissing. You were scared that it was Old Man. When you left, you saw Waiter taking drugs in the sink. You were relieved.

-You were hoping that Peter got divorced so that you could be together without pretending.

-You were shocked when he died.