There are 7 suspects:

  • Chef
  • Owner
  • Waiter
  • Old man
  • Young woman
  • Colleague
  • Wife

From which you are: 

The Colleague


You are Liam Nate, 42 years old, expert in business and finance. You have been working with Peter since you two met at the company you both work now, at the same level.

Peter’s death was catastrophic, you cried for the loss, although a part of you is already thinking on how this is going to affect to the company.


Open facts (you can mention them)

-You were with Peter that day. You had a quick meeting and then you went with him to the restaurant, but you did not enter.

-After leaving Peter in the restaurant, you took a walk and smoked a cigarrette. After a while, you ran into the wife; she was running late for her meeting with Peter.


Secrets (reveal them when you find it more convenient (maybe never)!

-You had money problems in the company.

-You knew that Peter was planning on selling most of the stocks he was managing. He wanted to ruin the company to get rich, and you could not allow this.

-You were planning on threatening Peter; that is why you stole a knife from the restaurant a few days ago, while visiting the kitchen.

-In the day of his death, you wanted to threaten him, but you could not in the end. While he was in the restaurant, you smoked some cigarretes outside, thinking. You decided not to do anything. Then you ran into the Wife and asked her to return the knife; you would have been too suspicious.