There are 7 suspects:

  • Chef
  • Owner
  • Waiter
  • Old man
  • Young woman
  • Colleague
  • Wife

From which you are: 

The Waiter


You are Jaime, and you have been working as a Waiter for two months. It is not the ideal job, but it’s quick money. You are 25 years old and went to a Catering school.

You never knew Peter until the day of the murder. You never saw him before.

You discovered the body around 1 hour after Peter entered. You were shocked for a few seconds before calling Marco, the Chef.

Open facts (you can mention them)

-Peter talked to you unpolitely and inappropiately, with a bossy tone.

-You served a Young Woman and Old Man sitting together. She was very pretty, but he seemed a bit grumpy.

-You noticed that Peter was gone for a while. During this moment you went to the bathroom to wash your hands (lie). You saw Young Woman coming out of it but you didn’t see Peter.

-When you left the bathroom you discovered the body: it was all covered in blood, knife coming out of his belly. Horrendous.

-Chef asked you to bring the chef’s clothes to the laundry, but you forgot them somewhere in the main hall.

Secrets (procure that they are not discovered!)

-You consume cocaine.

-You went to the bathroom, but to consume cocaine.

-Marco told you that the Owner is not satisfied and wants to fire you. That makes you mad.

-As revenge, you put one of the Owner’s earrings on the body, so that people think she is the murderer, and you can stay in the job. You found the earrings in Chef’s jacket the day before.