There are 6 suspects:

  • Chef
  • Owner
  • Waiter
  • Young woman
  • Colleague
  • Old man

From which you are: 

The Owner


You are Maria Dean, the owner of the restaurant “The Corner of Sarrini for 10 years already. You own another bar, less fancy and popular, so your income depends mainly of the restaurant. You are 42, married.

You are very professional and usually are in the restaurant to check that everything is ok.

You met Peter personally a few, because he is the investor that supported the local economically. When he died you were sad, but you were more worried about the stock of the restaurant that he managed.

Open facts (you can mention them)

-You have this economical agreement with Peter: he manages your economical stock.

-You were in the kitchen the day Peter died, and you passed by the table place sometimes but did not see him.

-You left the kitchen, you were grabbing your coat in the small storage room when you heard Waiter screaming your name. You went to the tables and saw Waiter horrified, next to the body.

-About the restaurant: there is the main hall where the tables are; there are the private tables; the kitchen, in another room; storage room, in the main hall; and toilets, next to the private table (you do not need to pass by the main hall to go to the toilet from the private table). Windows cannot be opened.

Secrets (reveal them when you find it more convenient (maybe never)!

-Peter gets free meals.

-You know that Peter was planning on selling all the stock and, thefore, keep all the money himself. You would be ruined then.

-You have an affair with the Chef, in secret.

-You were kissing the Chef during the time Peter died, moreless.

-The Waiter is such a disaster, plus you discovered a bag of cocaine in his jacket one day. You are planning on firing him very soon.

-You discovered Chef’s bloody clothes in the storage room. You do not understand, you just left him in the kitchen. You do not say anything, do not want to incriminate your loving Marco.