Old Man

There are 6 suspects:

  • Chef
  • Owner
  • Old man
  • Young woman
  • Colleague
  • Waiter

From which you are: 

The Old Man

Ssssshht!! You are the murderer!!


You are James McLingow. You have been working in lots of places, including deep mines where the conditions were hostile, so you consider yourself a strong person.

You are a bit rude with strangers, and with everyone in general, except your daughter. You like taking care of her but it is hard for you to express it, so when she proposed to have lunch together you were happy.

About Peter Van Trial? No idea, never heard from him before (lie).


Open facts (you can mention them)

-You have been sat down all the time.

-You are the one who chose the table, apart from the rest. You like to have intimacy when talking with your family.

-You love your daughter, the Young Woman. You feel like you have been distancing a bit over the years, but you always want the best for her.


Secrets (reveal them when you find it more convenient (maybe never)!

-You had a small commerce of hats, but you lost it and got ruined because of Peter. You trusted him with the business stock and he sold it out to get richer, leaving you ruined.

-You heard from Colleague that he is planning on doing the same to the restaurant “Corner of Sarrini” , among others. You wanted to confront him, but you weren’t planning on killing anyone.

-You knew that Peter would go to the restaurant that day, you saw it in the booking note from the restaurant the day before.

-When Young Woman went to the bathroom, you went to Peter’s table but he was not there. You headed to the bathroom too and saw Peter and Young Woman kissing.

-You could not believe that your precious daugher was with that bastard!

-You went back to the table. When your daughter came back, you went to the toilet. Waiter was busy taking drugs, he will not see you. You stole a chef’s uniform from the small storage room and headed to Peter. You then saw someone that wanted to enter the restaurant, so you stopped him at the door. It was a man in a suit, who wanted to return a knife, which was perfect for you. You then entered and stabbed Peter. 

-You took off the bloody chef clothes and put them in the storage room, washed your face with water from Peter’s glass and went back to your table, waiting for your daughter.