Enigma of the white hand

Enigma of the White Hand

Difficulty: medium

Presentation: it’s the Museum of contemporary art. A statue has been stolen in the middle of the day. Five people were around the room of the statue, and suddenly there was a blackout. It lasted 5 min, after those the lights went back on, but the statue was missing. No one could have entered or left the area where the room is, due to the emergency doors being locked. They could only go to the toilet and the reception.

Who stole it?


Security guard

Male. 45 years old. Single.
Job: security guard.
Notes: he is a slow drinker.
Visitor 1
Male. 49 years old. Married.
Job: salesman.
Notes: husband of Visitor 2.
Visitor 2
Female. 48 years old. Married.
Job: financial agent.
Notes: wife of Visitor 1.
Male. 30 years old. Engaged.
Job: painter.
Notes: He went to the toilet before the blackout.
Female. 32 years old. Single.
Job: secretary of the statue area.
Notes: She went to bring a coffee for the security guard after the artist went to the toilet.


-White hand:

after the crime, they found a paint in the shape of hand in the frame of the door leaving the statue room. It was all white, except for a thin line across one of the fingers.


-Painted statue

The stolen statue is small, like a milk carton, but heavy. It was freshly painted with white.

-Bathroom window

Open. A stain of white paint on it. The sink smelled like paint too. The bathroom is unisex.


Everyone has coincidentally the same hand size.


There is a not too long hair in the sink. It is dark.


The technicians fixed the blackout after 5 min. Someone fooled the electrician into thinking that these lights had to be turned off for maintanence.



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